Friday, 30 November 2012

The Mission announce Xmas dates....2013!

The Fields Of The Nephilim - Shepherds Bush Empire 2012
Craig will be out and about with The Mission for a series of dates announced for the end of next year when they go out with The Fields Of The Nephilim on the Revelations tour.

You can see them at the O2 Academy in the following places....


15th LEEDS

Tickets are available through and the only catch will have to wait a whole year!

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Dave Sharp announces new dates

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Dave Sharp has announced a fresh batch of dates taking in the end of this year and the beginning of next on what is being dubbed "The Never Ending Tour" in true Bob Dylan style! Confirmed dates so far are....

30th The Snowgoose Restaurant & Cafe Bar MACCLESFIELD

7th The Railway Tavern TREDEGAR
14th Mink Tattoo Coffee Bar MIDDLESBOROUGH
15th The George LEEDS
20th The Retreat LEDBURY
21st Keystones WORCESTER

4th The Grapes Hotel STONECLOUGH
12th The Snowgoose Live MACCLESFIELD
13th House With No Name BOLTON
19th The Crown Hotel PORTPATRICK
24th Telfords Warehouse CHESTER
25th The Bunker Club @ The Conservative Club WHITEFIELD

21st STROUD (venue tba)

Support Dave and live music - go along if you can!

Monday, 26 November 2012

Multiple New Releases Announced!

Well they did say Mike was putting the finishing touches to some "very special" MPO releases and today just how special they are was finally revealed with the announcement of not one but three new releases set for pre-xmas!

Firstly we have the five disc set "In The Poppy Fields : Collected Works"  which gathers all the Poppy Fields recordings but each track has been remixed and revisited by Mike to make it sound completely fresh. It isn't a straight forward re-issue project by any means. The track lists and full details can be found on the Alarm site and store so I won't repeat them here -  instead check out the link

Disc 1 & 2 are the collected "In The Poppy Fields"
Disc 3 is "In The Poppy Fields" Live at the Gathering
Disc 4 continues the Gathering set and also features the "Fun In The Sun" documentary recordings and 2 demos and a B-Side.
Disc 5 is a DVD featuring 44 min gig from San Siro Stadium from 2002, the half hour Edward Henry Street film by Mike and a 15 minute making of.

PRICE £39.99

Then we have a 51 track double CD recorded at 12 different venues on last years Mike Peters acoustic tour called "30th Anniversary Acoustic Alarm Tour 1981 - 2011" this was an amazing tour and personally it would be great to see soundboard mixes made available of each night as downloads but for now this promises to be an awesome document of a very special solo tour.

PRICE £19.99

Finally we have the expected document of this years Gathering which comes as a four disc set split between two CDs and 2 DVDs. So that's four and a half hours of video footage and two hours forty of audio!!!

PRICE £24.99

Now I'm sure many of you will want to buy all three releases budgets and/or Santa permitting and I don't blame you! If you can get all three then there is a bonus and incentive to do so this year. Firstly you get a £5 saving on the overall price making it £79, secondly you will get free postage but the most important incentive comes in the form of a bonus CD "Talking Sleevenotes" which has Mike reading an 8000 word very personal essay surrounding "In The Poppy Fields" as well as featuring some rare and unreleased tracks.

PRICE £79.00

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Joe Silva - Islington Academy Friday 23rd November 2012 (Red Poppy Tour)

As I said in the previous post, Joe delivered a brilliant set on Friday although I wish it had been longer so I could have heard some more of my favourite tracks from "Blue".

For those that have seen Joe on this tour who haven't heard the album yet then check out the review on this site and grab yourself a copy of the album from I-Tunes it is well worth it.

I would like to add a personal thank you to Joe for helping secure us the camera pass in order for us to use better cameras than usual to bring you all a visual document of the gig and also for being a great bloke, taking time out to have a chat before the gig - even if our advice on which pub to go to proved to be duff!

Mike Peters - Red Poppy Tour Islington Academy Friday 23rd November 2012

What a fantastic show in London (again!) ...Joe Silva was a great and most welcome addition to the tour and treated us to an all too short half hour set which mainly featured tracks from his new album "Blue" as well as his tribute to those who died in The Station night club fire in 2003 "97 Angels" before closing with his take on a Paul Simon classic. It was great hearing tracks from "Blue" stripped down into an acoustic form and I hope many people took advantage of the amazingly low price that "Blue" was at the merchandise desk! I would have loved to have seen a longer set from Joe but at least he confirmed he will be at the Gathering in January so we have that to look forward to.

Talking about the merchandise was a great idea to do a 3 for 2 offer which I took advantage of to pick up some long wanted DVD's as well as the excellent Tour T-Shirt. I would definitely have picked up more at a different time of year so hopefully they will repeat this excellent offer on the "Vinyl" tour or even on the web site.

Mike delivered an amazing set, the beauty of these shows is the unpredictable nature of the set list each night making each show genuinely unique. Coming on to the crowds "Blaze Of Glory" chants you knew it was going to be a great night from word go. After being hit by a technical issue with one of the two guitars he had (that would plague him all night - meaning only one could be used) Mike came into the audience to treat us to  "This Train" while it was being sorted - for the record I think the guitar was ok, it was the cable or the box it was going into that was the problem! So after 2 tracks Mike announced that he had played what he wanted to play so it was over to us to decide what else he played. A little different from the last acoustic shows in that he didn't just take shouted out requests but wanted to find out why the person wanted to hear it. It was good to see many Big Country fans turning out to support Mike as he helps to continue the Big Country legacy and it is obvious he is happy to play BC tracks but did change the requested track for one that would work better in an acoustic setting. Joe Silva came back to the stage joining Mike for what would normally be the encore but as the venue is under a strict 10pm curfew tonight no time is wasted in the niceties of going of stage to milk the applause. The night ends with a seasonal run though of the John & Yoko classic "Happy Xmas (War Is Over)" before Mike announces he isn't finished but due to the curfew he will be taking the show to the plaza outside the venue walking with the exiting crowd to start an acoustic sing along outside of "In A Big Country" and "45 RPM". As the venue is part of a shopping precinct the sudden appearance of a Welshman touting a guitar and bringing a couple of hundred close friends with him it alarmed the precinct security somewhat! So Mike lets it stand at an impromptu open air two song encore and we go away happy after witnessing an amazing night!

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Mike's Red Poppy Tour confirms new dates in Norway

Here's an early Xmas present for Scandinavian fans (well those in Norway at least!), Mike has added four new dates on the end of the Red Poppy tour - all in Norway. The dates are....


28th HUSNES Peppes
29th  ├śLEN  ├ślen Pub
30th BERGEN Madam Felle


1st BERGEN Madam Felle

Get ticket info from the venues or through the Alarm concert page

The International Swingers release EP

The International Swingers the "super group" consisting of James Stevenson, Glen Matlock, Clem Burke and Gary Twinn have released a four track EP available from the bands website . 

The EP is available either on it's own priced at $4.99 or in a bundle with a T-Shirt and pin badge priced at $19.99. Fans outside the US please be aware the postage rates are a further $7.00 for either.

The tracks featured are "Sweet, Sweet Love", "Honey's Room" (which is co-written by Stevenson and Twinn) , "Friday On My Mind" and "Out Of Control".