Thursday, 30 August 2012

The Cult...The Mission...The Alarm?

Rumours are starting to spread tonight that The Alarm may be set to replace Killing Joke for the imminent Cult & Mission dates. At the moment these are rumours and by no means should you take this as official or something that will happen so do NOT get those tickets just yet unless you want to see 2 brilliant bands of course! There are lots of things that could support the rumour....Craig and Billy Duffy for example however this would mean Craig doing back to back sets which has been done before but it is certainly not the norm. So will we see Mike or the full band at these shows if it happens?

OUR ADVICE IS MONITOR ALL OFFICIAL SITES AND TWITTER/FACEBOOK FEEDS and be prepared to act fast! Ticketmaster has removed Killing Joke from the listings but currently only have The Cult & The Mission listed.

Please take this as it is intended...IT IS A RUMOUR...but if it happens you will want to be there!

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Snowdon Rocks 6 Photos

Here are a selection of photos taken by both myself (Rob) and Joff. Snowdon was a brilliant experience despite the awful weather and I would recommend anyone to do it at least once. The turnout was amazing and it was nice to meet so many great people. I am sad to say I didn't make the summit as I suffered a funny turn at about the three quarter way mark where my lips turned purple and I couldn't go more than a few steps without stopping to catch my breath, many thanks to Stefanie Silverly and Sara Diana Williams and her hubby for helping me out during this time. Making the decision to turn back was one of the hardest things I have done but I think it was totally the right one, I was disappointed and upset but I am proud in what I did accomplish. After taking it really slowly back to the halfway point I actually really enjoyed the walk down. Joff went on to make the top so a massive well done to him and to all our fellow walkers that achieved their goal.

All Just Giving pages remain open for the next month so if you would like to donate to any of the walkers individual pages then please do so or directly to Love Hope Strength Foundation themselves.


Snowdon Rocks 6 video

Here is the start of the Snowdon Rocks 6 event from Sunday 19th August 2012 with Mike & friends performing "Love Hope And Strength" at the assembly point. The weather wasn't kind as we went up the mountain so this is the best video taken on the day by Joff.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Ben Nevis Rocks band line up announced

The band that will play at the Ben Nevis Rocks concert on Friday 24th August has been confirmed as a Celtic Supergroup that features....

Mike Peters, James Stevenson, Smiley all from The Alarm of course! Bruce & Jamie Watson from Big Country and former Simple Mind Derek Forbes.

Tickets are £20 and are on sale now direct from the LHS store