Monday, 26 November 2012

Multiple New Releases Announced!

Well they did say Mike was putting the finishing touches to some "very special" MPO releases and today just how special they are was finally revealed with the announcement of not one but three new releases set for pre-xmas!

Firstly we have the five disc set "In The Poppy Fields : Collected Works"  which gathers all the Poppy Fields recordings but each track has been remixed and revisited by Mike to make it sound completely fresh. It isn't a straight forward re-issue project by any means. The track lists and full details can be found on the Alarm site and store so I won't repeat them here -  instead check out the link

Disc 1 & 2 are the collected "In The Poppy Fields"
Disc 3 is "In The Poppy Fields" Live at the Gathering
Disc 4 continues the Gathering set and also features the "Fun In The Sun" documentary recordings and 2 demos and a B-Side.
Disc 5 is a DVD featuring 44 min gig from San Siro Stadium from 2002, the half hour Edward Henry Street film by Mike and a 15 minute making of.

PRICE £39.99

Then we have a 51 track double CD recorded at 12 different venues on last years Mike Peters acoustic tour called "30th Anniversary Acoustic Alarm Tour 1981 - 2011" this was an amazing tour and personally it would be great to see soundboard mixes made available of each night as downloads but for now this promises to be an awesome document of a very special solo tour.

PRICE £19.99

Finally we have the expected document of this years Gathering which comes as a four disc set split between two CDs and 2 DVDs. So that's four and a half hours of video footage and two hours forty of audio!!!

PRICE £24.99

Now I'm sure many of you will want to buy all three releases budgets and/or Santa permitting and I don't blame you! If you can get all three then there is a bonus and incentive to do so this year. Firstly you get a £5 saving on the overall price making it £79, secondly you will get free postage but the most important incentive comes in the form of a bonus CD "Talking Sleevenotes" which has Mike reading an 8000 word very personal essay surrounding "In The Poppy Fields" as well as featuring some rare and unreleased tracks.

PRICE £79.00

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