Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Zed Hed released!

Steve Grantley's RT-Zed have released their new album "Zed Hed" today on CD and as a digital download. The CD can be purchased from Big Cartel for £10 at the following link and includes a full colour booklet. If you can't wait or you have already embraced the digital age you can download the album from either Amazon or i-Tunes.

Amazon (UK) £7.49

Amazon (US) $8.99

i-Tunes £7.99

All tracks can be previewed from the above Amazon or i-Tunes links.

"Zed Hed"

2.You Are Free
3.Room No.5
4.Pretty Ugly
5.Get What You Want
7.In The Blood
8.She Was Bad
9.Beneath The Shadow
10.Too Far In To Get Out
11.Everything's On Sale
12.Deja Voodoo

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