Saturday, 30 November 2013

Flag Poppies!

If anyone uses Facebook I'm sure if you belong to any of the Alarm related groups and pages you will have come across people using the classic poppy logo as an avatar or flying the flag so to speak by having a fantastic flag poppy. Well I've often wondered where they came from and also where to find them...and now I know!

Over to Travis Keenan Tiffin..

"The last time I was able to make it to the Gathering was 2011 and it all started when I made one flag poppy and posted it on Lily's Facebook or something. It was connected to working on 'banners' for the Gathering. The a few others asked for their country. At one point I was going to try and do EVERY country in the world, but I just never finished."

So if you've ever wondered about these or wanted your very own one then you can find them HERE!

Thank you Travis!

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