Sunday, 12 January 2014

Tom O'Driscoll - Tenacity

Tom O'Driscoll is a solo artist gigging mainly around the Hersham area (he grew up in the same street as Jimmy Pursey albeit at different times!) and last year he released the rather splendid "Tenacity" album. He chose to record at Smileys Sunshine Corner Studio, enlisted Smiley as producer and got him to play drums, keyboards and even a bit of guitar! I spoke to Tom to ask him all about making the album. 

Hi Tom, can you tell us a bit about your background.

I was a music enthusiast from an early age. I took up playing guitar while still at school then later the bass playing in bands for years as a bassist before reverting back to the 6 string. I played as one half of a duo before becoming a solo performer. My influences are far and wide and to be honest if it  sounds good I like it regardless of what it actually is!

How did the album come about?

I'd been wanting to make an album for a long time, that is to record my own songs and play all the instruments myself (well, almost all of them!). It was something of a personal challenge to see whether I could do it or not, I had a desire to make music on my own terms - my own thing done my own way and done well!

How did you meet Smiley?

Years ago I was in a band with his brothers, he produced a CD we did with 3 tracks on and another about a year later. We met again after that and he had Sunshine Corner Studios up and running, having heard and benefited from his producing skills before I realised it was the ideal place to record the album.

What can you tell us about recording "Tenacity"?

It was years since I had been in a recording studio and initially I was a little overawed. One look at the mixing desk and I was as daunted as I'd of been in the cockpit of a plane! So to start with it felt like I was a bit of a fish out of water, Smiley was invaluable here putting me at ease the way he seems to with everyone!
Most of the album is quite retro, with each song as varied as possible - each song has it's own individual character, Smiley suggested and suggested well!

Where can people get hold of the album?

It's on sale at my gigs priced at £8. You can find details of upcoming gigs from my Facebook page HERE

What are your plans for 2014?

To carry on gigging and to complete a new song cycle that I began last year. Then it's time to go back to Smiley for a follow up album - the working title is "Fortitude!"

Tom O'Driscoll thank you!

Look out for the In The Poppy Fields review of "Tenacity" coming very soon.

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  1. When's the Clem song coming? You spend so much time thinking about him to not do something with him again, maybe with lowlife Brian.