Thursday, 13 February 2014

New "Declaration" released!

Marking 30 years to the day of the original release of "Declaration" the new recording by Mike Peters is now available from along with a companion disc called "Peace Train". For the vinyl addict there is a limited collectors bundle with a gorgeous looking red vinyl along with both CDs. Rather than repeat info that is already on the main site click on the link below for all the track lists and details!



  1. My copy arrived today, as the origanal the cover art is great.
    Pressed play and sat back to enjoy, only trouble was i was left feeling rather let down.
    I hate making negative comments about any of Mikes work but i am afraid this, on the most part, just didnt float my boat.
    Most of the tracks are too pedestrian with we are the light and tell me the worst offenders.
    The saving grace is a fantastic version of third light, if the rest of the album moved in this direction it could have been a great listen.
    Please dont be too hard on me, i am sure most of you will love it, but on a personal basis its just not for me.

  2. They always said this album would divide opinion! Personally I'm loving it but what really surprised me is that I'm finding new favourites in this form than I did on the original release. Stand outs for me are "Third Light" which emphasizes the lyric a lot more and is even more shocking in this the centennial year of the Great War and the other is "The Deceiver". Now don't shoot me for this but I've never been a big fan of the track but in this form I love it! Rob

  3. I respect the hard work on this album, and as a collector I bought the whole bundle.
    But this is not my cup of tea.
    Hope to hear new, fresh material soon. Done listening to the past.
    If this was the 1984 release I don't think I've ever been a die hard fan.