Saturday, 8 August 2015

RT-Zed "Crunch" reviewed

Steve Grantley follows up the fantastic "Zed Hed" album from his RT-Zed project/band (delete as appropriate) with "Crunch,  a limited edition cd of the bands debut live gig recorded at the Bullingdon Club Oxford in 2012.

So with only an albums worth of source material to draw from (not including the RTZ Global album) it's just a live run through of "Zed Hed" right? Wrong! Of course there are tracks from "Zed Hed" accounting for 6 of the 10 songs on "Crunch" but it's very noticeable just how different these versions are live.

The band is spot on and full of energy, the songs raw and bursting with attitude even in "Room No. 5", a track that deals with the loss of Steve's father, there seems more anger in the live version making it totally different from the "Zed Hed" original and just as essential.

"You Are Free" makes a great set opener and it is obvious how well that Steve paced the set slipping in a few covers just to give those present something familiar rather than exclusively presenting them with material they hadn't heard. "Rebel Rebel" works well with a vocal sneer that merges glam, punk & rock, "Crazy Horses" is more Osmonds than Alex Harvey and is beefed up to the Nth degree while "Saturday Nights (Alright For Fighting)" goes full pelt as the gig races towards its conclusion...Elton John this ain't!

 "Get What You Want" is left to close the proceedings and by this point you can almost feel the floor bouncing while the sweat runs down the walls and the smell of beer hangs in the air! This is a club show, warts and all by a band doing what they do best and playing up a storm while they do it. From the heartfelt thanks that Steve gives to those that have travelled to make the show so special you know he is moved and you know he is happy!

With so little downtime at the moment afforded to him be the reinvigorated Stiff Little Fingers it is hard to tell how many chances you will get to catch RT-Zed live which makes this release even more essential....get it before time runs out!


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