Friday, 4 December 2015

James Stevenson And The West London All Stars

After whetting everyone's appetite at The Gathering with how well material from his début solo album translated live James Stevenson is just about to take to the stage for his first full solo live show when his West London All Stars play The Water Rats in London on December 17th. It seemed a good time to try and get a sneak peek into what we can expect on the night as well as a brief insight into 2016!

You’re just about to do your first full solo gig….what’s taken you so long?!

Well to be honest I always just wanted to be a good side-man – but then I made my solo album and am very proud of it – so I want as many people as possible to hear it. Doing gigs was the next logical step.

So why now?

Well it’s just timing – it took me twenty years to get my solo album together too!

James Stevensons West London All Stars…can you reveal the line up of the band yet?

Still firming up a few things. But Mark Taylor obviously – I couldn’t do it without him. Chris Bell from GLJ on drums. The Rebelles are covering BVs and Terry Edwards is helping out on sax and stuff.

What can we expect from the set, will it focus mainly on material from your album or will it include tracks from across your career?

I will be my whole album

Will there be any covers in the set?

No covers – I didn’t feel that was appropriate right now – it might lead the set in the wrong direction.

Will this be the start of more solo live dates?

I hope so.

You will be supported by the Rebelles and Spizzology, the Rebelles feature both Tracie Hunter and of course your good lady wife and supported the International Swingers so were a pretty obvious ( but welcome) choice, what about Spizz?

Spizz is an old mate. He was the promoter’s idea.

Will you be premiering any new material?

Not at this gig – it is my first after all!

Are the All Stars for the night on stage for the full gig or might you have the odd friend pop on for a song or two?

I might…..

Holy Holy head overseas in January to America, what are the rest of the plans for the band in 2016?

Well Tony (Visconti) is very enthusiastic about taking the band on the road so there will definitely be a lot more action in 2016 than there was in 2015 – now the band is properly up and running.

You come back just before The Gathering, Smiley has said he has the set list and doesn’t know half of it! Is there any more you can reveal?

Well the set is a long way off being finalised. There will be a few surprises as well as the obvious hits.

Are you looking forward to going out as The Alarm again for the Stranglers dates?

Always love being on the road.

It looks like a busy year for Chelsea too with not one, not two but three Anthologies announced (so far!) what can we expect on them and do you know yet what of the live dates you’ll be appearing at?

Not sure. Plastic Head have really got behind Chelsea which is great. The summer looks like it might be a bit of a juggling act. The Cult replaced me with a keyboard player! So although it was great touring with them it does end up being one less thing to juggle.

The International Swingers debut is now in peoples houses and is a great album, is there talk of further live dates or even a follow up already?

The album isn't officially released so a follow up is probably a way off – but live dates hopefully in the spring some time.

It’s the end of the year so what albums have made your playlists this year?

Nothing much has floated my boat at all – sorry to be unenthusiastic – especially not by Sandi Thom! LOL

James Stevenson, as always, thank you so much....see you on the 17th!

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