Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Mike, Dave, Eddie, Twist & Smiley in charity book.

Eddie with his copy of "Lives & Times"
Alarm fan Tim Darvell has released "Lives & Times" a portrait photographic charity book raising money and awareness for Bowel Cancer charities, the reason this is of particular interest here is that it features Mike, Dave Sharp, Eddie MacDonald, Nigel "Twist" and Smiley. So over to Tim for a bit more info....

"I have been fundraising for the Beating Bowel Cancer charity since my Mum was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2012. She had successful surgery to remove part of her bowel but over the last four years the cancer has spread. She has had three lung operations to remove cancerous nodules. Just before Christmas the cancer spread to her brain so she underwent "Cyberknife" treatment. We will know in a month or two how successful that has been. Next week she will have the fourth operation on her left lung when they will remove the lower lob as more nodules have appeared.

When I decided to start the book a couple of years ago I wondered if it would be possible to meet the members of my favourite band, The Alarm. The first member I approached was Eddie and he got things started with an immediate yes. He then arranged for me to meet him and Nige when Nige was over from the States at the end of 2014. I photographed Mike & Jules at The Scriptures recording sessions at Abbey Road. Jules was very helpful in making that happen. I had just about given up on getting Dave but right at the death he came through and I had a great meeting with him before his gig at Winchester last year. Smiley appears in two chapters as not only was he in the Mike Peters chapter but I also got to photograph From The Jam in Reading when he was drumming for them.

The book took me 18 months to complete and all the proceeds I receive from sales are donated to the charity. To date it has raised about £875. I have had some fantastic support from fellow Alarm fans buying the book. Bowel cancer is the second highest cancer killer in the UK."

You can choose your preferred format and order the book by clicking  HERE! 

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