Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Smiley guests with Spiderfence!

We all know that Smiley shares his immense drumming skills with a wide range of bands and projects and sometimes it's hard to be able to get hold of some of these recordings as they are direct from the bands themselves etc. In April the 3 track self titled EP by Spiderfence hit the virtual shelves of Bandcamp and it features Smiley on 2 songs.

The other thing about Spiderfence that will mean a lot to many Alarm fans is it is the brainchild of Randy Kerkman (guitar & vocals) who many will know from attending the Gathering which is another good reason to support this project. Bass duties come from Scott Kerr from the punk ska band Five Iron Frenzy and Randy tags their style as alternative gothpop while also name checking the Psychedelic Furs. I can certainly hear those influences and more and would recommend you check it out for yourselves, it's a very good EP!

The whole 3 track EP is available to stream or to buy by clicking HERE for only $3, that's pretty good even in these post Brexit exchange rate days!

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  1. Thanks for writing up Spiderfence. It truly is a must have for anyone who enjoys fantastic music!