Thursday, 24 January 2019

"Smiley's Friends In The Sixth Dimension"

By now I'm guessing you all know the score but for those not familiar here's the set up..... Every year Smiley writes a load of top quality tunes, taps up his mates to play on the album and then releases it with very little fanfare! Oh, did I mention that they are usually blinding too?

So here we are at album number six hence the albums title and it's a monster! The energy jumps out from the get go and the quirky nature of Smiley's humour is immediately in evidence with the very first line of album opener "Be Careful What You Wish For" being "You got me walking in the wrong direction, you saw me shopping in the freezer section, I even voted in the wrong election now!" One thing that is apparent from the get go is the guitar is very much king on this album, amazing riffs and stunning solos permeate throughout the 12 tracks that make up "....Friends In The Sixth Sense".

As always different styles weave in and out or bounce along in the case of some of the more indie flavoured tracks. "Wheels" could even be a contender for a lost John Lennon song, and as for those sublime harmonies in "Lantern Light" what more needs to be said!

Whether this is the first Smiley album you've heard or the sixth you will not be disappointed, this is an album that deserves to be heard not to mention toured (we can but hope). With every release going from strength to strength this might just be the best "Friends" album to date!

Pick up your copy on CD or download direct from Smiley - just click HERE!

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  1. Next purchase...heard a couple of tracks and they are belting.