Thursday, 30 August 2012

The Cult...The Mission...The Alarm?

Rumours are starting to spread tonight that The Alarm may be set to replace Killing Joke for the imminent Cult & Mission dates. At the moment these are rumours and by no means should you take this as official or something that will happen so do NOT get those tickets just yet unless you want to see 2 brilliant bands of course! There are lots of things that could support the rumour....Craig and Billy Duffy for example however this would mean Craig doing back to back sets which has been done before but it is certainly not the norm. So will we see Mike or the full band at these shows if it happens?

OUR ADVICE IS MONITOR ALL OFFICIAL SITES AND TWITTER/FACEBOOK FEEDS and be prepared to act fast! Ticketmaster has removed Killing Joke from the listings but currently only have The Cult & The Mission listed.

Please take this as it is intended...IT IS A RUMOUR...but if it happens you will want to be there!

1 comment:

  1. didn't happen but the reports we have heard both The Cult and The Mission pulled out all the stops to make these gigs special!