Saturday, 16 March 2013

Islington Academy photos 15th March 2013 Vinyl Tour

What a great night, The Alarm were on FIRE! A brilliant set that just didn't let up....Kicking off with 45 R.P.M., highlights included Alarm Calling, Superchannel, My Town, The Drunk And The Disorderly (one of my favourite Alarm tracks). The Toilets "set" continued the energy, Perry Benson was on hand from the film "Vinyl" to come on during Free Rock And Roll while Richard Archer from Hard-Fi came on for a run through of I Fought The Law. Simply brilliant!

The support slots for this tour have differed night to night with bands from Reverbnation auditioning by recording a cover of Free Rock And Roll and tonights support came from South Hill Rise. Unfortunately those who went to the screening of Vinyl missed the start of their set but the hall gradually filled to a respectable number by the time they finished. Opening cover "In Too Deep" was a great way to open and it is nice for once to see a young band not kitted out with top end equipment (both guitarists played Squire guitars). The band are obviously still finding their feet and learning along the way but given that this is only their SECOND ever gig that is fully understandable, the band members ages range from just 14 up to 18 so they still have plenty of time. It must have been a very daunting gig and the band did really well, they should be massively proud of themselves. Free Rock And Roll was cool, Dear Maria a great highlight but closing cover Rockin In The Free World didn't quite hit the mark for me. Given time the stage presence and professionalism will come and the real find in this band is vocalist Rosie who was great. Check them out on Facebook at

Love Hope Strength also have now hit over 400 sign ups on this tour alone getting people on the list with 59 sign ups last night, the best night so far...Manchester are you up to the challenge tonight? I do recommend signing up if you have time before the gig as things got pretty hectic afterward with the amount of people signing up...but the important thing is that you GET ON THE LIST!

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