Thursday, 14 March 2013

"Vinyl" opening weekend!

"Vinyl" officially hits the big screens tomorrow and will be shown in 60 cinemas around the country. Most cinemas judge on whether or not to re-book a film based on it's take over the opening weekend, ie: Friday, Saturday & Sunday, therefore it is VERY important that if you were planning on seeing the film that you try and do so on one of those days. This may mean the difference of the film showing into a second week or not!

A full list of cinemas showing "Vinyl" can be found on the films official website

If you are lucky enough to have already seen it (I have and absolutely loved it!) then please consider going again, let your friends, family and workmates know and get as many people along as you can!

If you are on Facebook then share the trailer on your page and on friends pages, like the film page and follow the film on Twitter @vinylthemovie

When you have seen the film then let people know, rate the film on IMDB and get your friends to do the's all about getting people excited and getting bums on seats! We have all been waiting a long time to see this film and it doesn't disappoint so let's help make it the success it deserves to be!


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