Sunday, 5 February 2012

Live At The Gathering 2011 Review

It seems that you can count on a release of the previous years Gathering on DVD as certain as you can be sure that Xmas will fall on the 25th of December yet every year they seem to keep on getting better and better! "Live At The Gathering 2011" is no exception and contains the whole Saturday set plus highlights of the acoustic show spread across 2 DVD's and 2 CD's - a veritable feast for fans!

The first surprise is the decision to to open with "Blaze Of Glory", a track traditionally placed near the end of a gig as a crowd pleasing sing-a-long. The Gathering soon starts rocking as the band head straight into "Absolute Reality" followed by some fast and furious numbers including "Direct Action" which is a personal highlight. Mike announces "Deeside" as a song not included in the set for sometime but it fits very nicely in this one!

Mike disappears before popping up in the middle of the crowd to perform some acoustic numbers including Declarations "Shout To The Devil". Another triumphant Gathering performance is topped off with former Pistol Glen Matlock joining the band for a run through of "Pretty Vacant" (a sight that was repeated in London on the "Sound And The Fury" Tour in 2011).

All in all this is another superb performance which provides a brilliant document of the Gathering of 2001 for both  those that were there and also those that weren't! The only thing that could be improved for future live releases would be an investment in some HD camera equipment or rental to improve the sometimes fuzzy visuals. This doesn't cloud what is an essential purchase which does well at capturing a fraction of the enjoyment and atmosphere that the Gathering offers.


Set List

Blaze Of Glory
Absolute Reality
Release The Pressure
Alarm Calling
Unsafe Building
Direct Action
My Town
Without A Fight
21st Century
Shout To The Devil
For Freedom
One Step Closer To Home
Right Back Where I Started From
The Drunk & The Disorderly
45 RPM
Spirit Of '76
Rescue Me
The Stand
Marching On
Where Were You Hiding?
Sixty Eight Guns
Fade In Fade Out Fade Away
One Guitar
Pretty Vacant (With Glen Matlock)
Rockin' In The Freeworld

Unplugged Set

Sold Me Down The River
Rain In The Summertime
High On The Hill
Unbreak The Promise
Love Hope Strength

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