Monday, 6 February 2012

Meet The Fans - Sara Diana Williams

Sara Diana Williams (Photo Pending!)
Name - Sara Diana Williams, otherwise known as Sara Diana or SDW

Age - Not Saying! LOL

Occupation - Carer, but previously a dog groomer with my own business.

Where are you from? Wrexham, North Wales

How did you get into The Alarm? My boyfriend at the time was into The Jam, U2 and The Alarm, his bedroom was covered with Alarm stuff. I listened to the albums and thought they were ok but then we ended up going to a gig in Liverpool and they totally blew me away! Mike owned the stage, I felt like the fans connected with him, he was special.

What is your favourite song by The Alarm? I am a big fan of the older albums and can give you a list as long as my arm of songs I love but I would say my fave song is "Without A Fight" because it sums up my life and how I live it, and jointly "Fight Back" because that song gives me the strength to tackle my treatment and tests.

What is your favourite album by The Alarm? Can't say really because I love them all for their different qualities, the album I didn't like though was "Raw".

What is your best Alarm memory? Wow!, Where do I begin? I have so many of them and they are all priceless. When I was going on maternity leave with my second son Harry, my colleagues/friends and I went to Central Station to see Mike play. At half time my friend sort of pushed me towards the merch stand and unbeknown to me pointed me out to Jules. She then ushered me towards Mike and we met...that meant the world to me. Also, when the Queen came to Wrexham, I got my mum to babysit the boys and headed down there...not to see the Queen or any of the other was to see Mike perform for the local radio! I felt a right idiot cos I was the only one standing there but Mark Reynolds grabbed me and got me to stand with Mike and Jules for a photo!

First Alarm gig? I can't remember the exact date except it was Liverpool, Royal Court and would have been around 1984 or 85.

What was the first record you ever bought? My brothers and I clubbed our pocket money together and bought the "Funky Gibbon" by The Goodies.

What other bands or artists do you like? The only band who have moved me like The Alarm did are Killing For Company, now Victoria Station. All the guys in the band really connect with their fans and their performance is always heart felt. Other than that...The Damned, Ramones, The Fall, The Men They Couldn't Hang, Spear Of Destiny, Stranglers, Pogues, Wedding Present, Pigeon Detectives, Vaccines, The Strokes.

What is your favourite film? I have a few..."My Dog Skip", "Greyfriars Bobby" (are you getting the link there? lol) and "Dirty Dancing".

What is your favourite TV show? Casualty

What is your favourite book? Again, I have a few..."My Dog Skip", ""Greyfriars Bobby", "Black Beauty", "War Horse".

Any last words? Mike and his music has always been something I have connected with. His music struck a chord with me back in the day when I was a misunderstood goth punk and it still does now as a middle aged housewife and mum. His music inspires me and injects me with the strength to tackle anything life throws at me. As a person Mike is amazing and inspirational and definitely my mentor.

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