Monday, 6 February 2012

Meet The Fans - Maryrose Romero

Name - Maryrose Romero
Maryrose Romero

Age - 42

Occupation - Online Trader

Where Are You From? - Manila, Philippines

How did you get into The Alarm? It started when I was a teen, we listen and dance to your music in an afternoon party.

What is your favourite song by The Alarm? "Absolute Reality", "Rescue Me" and "Rain In The Summertime".

What is your favourite album by The Alarm? "Eye Of The Hurricane"

What is your best Alarm memory? Oh, too sad to say I haven't seen them in the flesh...

First Alarm gig? See previous answer

What was the first record you ever bought? "Eye Of The Hurricane" by The Alarm and "Across The Kitchen Table" by Pale Fountains

What other bands or artists do you like? Colourfields, The Cure, The Smiths, Pale Fountains, Wild Swans, Echo And The Bunnymen, New Order, Joy Division, Gene Loves Jezebel, Lotus Eaters, Jimmy Jimmy, Seona Dancing...and many many more!

What is your favourite film? "Schindlers List", "Pretty In Pink", "Full Metal Jacket", "Reality Bites" and many more.

What is your favourite TV show? Oprah

What is your favourite book? "Schindlers List"

Any last words? First of all thank you so much for this wish I have is to see The Alarm in the flesh....I hope you guys can visit the philippines one day...can you pls sign my record? hehe...big hug

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  1. it is a shame you not had the chance to see the band before maryrose. as for signed records, im sure there is something i can do about that at the next gathering. joff x