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Will Peters Interview (The Absolute Worst / Vinyl)

Will Peters has a few things that connect him to The Alarm, firstly with his band The Absolute Worst he played this years Gathering, secondly he appears in the upcoming film "Vinyl" and lastly he happens to be the nephew of one Mike Peters!  We asked Will if he would like to chat with us about all three of these things and luckily for us he was more than willing!

Photo by Chloe Harris
How did you enjoy The Gathering 20? I love The Gathering, I've been going since I was young when it was at Venue Cymru. I think it's a great event and it's amazing to see after the years of success The Alarm had their fans are still loyal and can still come and experience new things. The band loved playing, it was such a great atmosphere and the turn out was great, we decided to play half our own songs and a few classics as we knew not everyone would be into all our own songs. It was great to see people listening and dancing to our music as that's what we love to do.

How did The Absolute Worst get invited to play at The Gathering 20? Well, I got in touch with the event manager and sent him a demo tape of a few of our songs and showed him a few videos from youtube and he liked us and thought our cover of "My Generation" was great and asked us to play.

You are offering free downloads of some of your songs via the bands Facebook page, how important do you think the web is to bands that are starting out? I think the web is a vital part of a band nowadays, it gives you endless promoting possibilities and gives you the chance to contact promoters and venues from all around the U.K. It also gives you the chance of showing your talent to the world which no other platform has the ability to. I think without the internet there wouldn't be as many new bands coming up and all the music would be manufactured by management agencies and record labels.

Photo by Chloe Harris
Does having an uncle in the business help? Definitely, he's experienced it all from a young age and knows how the business runs, if I need help or advice he will always be there to help me. I don't want people to think we've got where we are though because of my connections, Mike will always be there for me when I need him but we've got where we are by myself and the band, we work hard promoting all our events and organising them and giving the crowd the best gig we can give.

What can you tell us about the film "Vinyl"? I played the character Will in the film and was the bassist in "The Single Shots". I can't tell you much about the film but I can't wait for it to be released!

Photo by Chloe Harris
How did you come to be involved in the film? I saw friends talking about going to an audition for a film on Facebook, I was being nosey and asked what it was for, what's it about and stuff, generally just chatting about it. It was an open audition and I thought it's not everyday you can say to someone "yeah I was in a film" so I took a chance and went to the audition. I'd never really acted before and had never played bass, I got the audition and Sara (the Casting Director) said she loved me and I looked like a bassist. So when she asked me what instruments do I play I obviously said bass! She then said there was a band next door and if I wanted I could go play "Free Rock And Roll" with them, I didn't have a clue and had just started to play guitar. I gave it a go and just copied the other guy! Ha! I then blagged my way through the rest of the audition and somehow got the part.
Photo by Chloe Harris

If push comes to shove - music or acting? Music - 100%. It's my passion and my hobby, I'd love to tour with my band and the experience would just be amazing.

What's next for you and the band? We're just going to carry on gigging wherever we can, carry on writing new songs and hopefully get some money together and record an EP, we're also looking at doing some more gigs outside of North Wales and hopefully getting a few support slots around the U.K.

Anything you would like to add? I'd just like to thank everyone who's supported myself and the band so far, it means a lot to us all and it really is appreciated! If you haven't please check us out at where you can get regular updates about what we're doing, what gigs we have coming up and even book us for a gig if you want!

Thanks a lot for reading!

Will Peters

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