Friday, 17 February 2012

Meet The Fans - Meet Us!

We thought it would be good to answer the same questions that we have been asking you in our Meet The Fans features. These are our answers Rob & Joff!

Name Joff
Name Rob

Age Joff - 44
Age Rob - 43

Occupation - Joff -Fraud Officer
Occupation - Rob - Retail Manager

Where Are You From? Joff - Portsmouth
Where Are You From? Rob - Herts

How did you get into The Alarm? Joff - I saw them supporting The Police at Wembley on the Police Sychronisity tour. They were amazing, I went to Woolworth the next day to buy my first Alarm record "Where Were You Hiding When The Storm Broke?" 7"

Rob - Fairly recently actually. I was always aware of The Alarm but mainly only through tracks like 68 Guns. Joff got me a ticket for the London gig on the "Sound And The Fury" tour last year but then bidded on the "One Night Only" auction for the Cambridge show and won! I ended up going to that show too and was blown away, it was a touch surreal seeing one of your friends on stage but a fantastic night!

What is your favourite song by The Alarm? Joff - "The Rock" and their cover of "One Guitar".

Rob - I am terrible at narrowing down choices, in fact I love lists but I will try and be good and go for "The Drunk And The Disorderly".

What is your favourite album by The Alarm? Joff - "Change" (Original) and "Under Attack" (New)

Rob - Of the early albums it's a toss up between "Declaration" and "Strength" but the later stuff probably "Under Attack" as well.

What is your best Alarm memory? Joff - Becoming a member of the band and performing "Love Hope And Strength" with them at Cambridge last year.

Rob - For me it was the same gig, meeting the band backstage and being impressed with how friendly and genuine they were. Then seeing my best friend on stage and how he really gave it the big one was priceless! It was also nice meeting Andy (Merch / Photography) and Katrina (LHS) at this show.

First Alarm gig? Joff - Supporting The Police in 1983

Rob - Cambridge 2011 on the "Sound And The Fury" tour.

What was the first record you ever bought? Joff - "Rebel Rebel" by David Bowie

Rob - "Destroyer" by Kiss

What other bands or artists do you like? Joff - Gary Numan, The Cure, Echo And The Bunnymen, Marc Almond, Archive, Marillion, Killing Joke, David Bowie, T.Rex, Depeche Mode,The Cramps and The Waterboys.

Rob - The list is endless...Marillion, Gazpacho, Amplifier, Gary Numan, Frank Zappa, Porcupine Tree, Grateful Dead but I'm a big classic rock fan who also is equally at home listening to Dead Kennedys or Miles Davis!

What is your favourite film? Joff - "Friday 13th", "Pan's Labyrinth" and "Pulp Fiction".

Rob - "Blazing Saddles"

What is your favourite TV show? Joff - "The Big Bang Theory", "Modern Family" and "Sherlock".

Rob - Current TV definitely "The Big Bang Theory" but I love the classic BBC comedies such as "Porridge" and "Dad's Army".

What is your favourite book? Joff- "Prayer For The Unborn" by Steve Malins

Rob - It's hard to give you just one book, I love Michael Connolly especially the Bosch books. John Grisham I enjoy. "Prestige" by Christopher Priest (if you have seen the film but not read the book trust me you need to read it!). I have read loads of Stephen King but not a lot of his recent books. For me "The Stand" and "It" are probably my favourites.

Any last words? Joff - Free Rock N Roll!

Rob - Thanks for your support, I hope that you will continue enjoying the site.